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Day2DayPrinting has all of your printing needs taken care of in one stop. Right now you can get 1,000 business cards for only $16.50 (offer good thru June 15). 

As a business owner, I know how valuable business cards are! There are many different uses for business cards. Some ideas & uses that I use them for besides my business

1. Contact info for parents of kids friends, playgroups, or any mother/father-related event with kids.

2. Contact for babysitters- whether this be for offering babysitting services or to give your babysitter, is up to you.

3.  I use them in our textbooks/reading books, so if the kids leave them somewhere, hopefully they call for us to pick up.

The uses are really endless!

With Father's Day quickly approaching, check out their greeting cards where you can also receive 20% off through June 15. You can also choose Magnets for 20% through June 15, for either your vehicle or business cards. 

I know my kids love to give their father a card that they either created or helped create. They love putting that personal touch of love in what they do.

 You can also order large amounts of calendars for your company at reasonable prices. Those are just a few items available. 

Any time that the kids have the opportunity to pick out pictures to have them made into a calendar, is always a special treat. We usually only do this once a year around Christmas to give to family. Most places charge an arm and a leg for this, but Day2Day Printing is very reasonable!

 There are so many items to choose from take a look. You can like their facebook page and follow their twitter page to earn extra entries into the contest. Now for the contest:

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