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LatchPal Breastfeeding Helper Giveaway {Ends 5/19}

 Sponsor: LatchPal 

Prize: LatchPal in choice of colors

The LatchPal Breastfeeding Clip is a patent pending clip that was designed for mom’s by a mom and it is a multi use solution that only requires one hand to latch. You can simply put this under your shirt and gather it up in the clip and it holds your shirt up on the side you are nursing on. How brilliant is that?

1byone Belt Driven Turntable Giveaway {Ends 5/19}

Sponsor: 1byone 

1 Lucky Winner Will Receive a Belt-Drive 3 Speed Stereo Portable Turntable from 1byOne with a RV of $77. 

Winner Chooses Color (Either Turquoise or Black)

Final Hours (Love In Time Book 1) By Cate Dean Book Blitz & Giveaway

Final Hours (Love In Time Book 1) By Cate Dean

One man’s death will change the future.

Only two people can save him – if they have the courage to trust each other.

Elizabeth Barritt fought hard for the life she has, finally putting the ugly memories of a childhood trapped in the foster care system behind her.
She has the chance to move forward, to reach out for a new, exciting future, surrounded by the art that is her passion. All she has to do is take the first step.

Bleak Devotion By Gemma Drazin Release Blitz & Giveaway

Bleak Devotion - Release Blitz
By Gemma Drazin
Young Adult Futuristic Dark Fantasy
Date Published: March 31, 2014

Jessica doesn't know how long it's been, only that it seems like forever since she's allowed her feelings to show. Ever since they attacked her city.

Monsters which appear human but are void of any expression, and seem bent on destroying all signs of sentiment in others. Their lethal blades shred anyone who shows even the slightest emotion.

After her only remaining friend is killed, Jessica flees the city hoping to find a place where emotions aren't fatal. A place to grieve those she lost and live out her meager existence. When she discovers the world of the emotionless creatures isn't what she believes, the love it leads her to may also be the path to her own death.

The Blood That Cries in the Ground by Gregory Bellarmine #Review, #VirtualBookTour, & $ 10 Amazon GC Giveaway

The Blood That Cries in the Ground
by Gregory Bellarmine

Italy. A tough master of novices, Father Dante encounters the bold young priest Antonio who challenges his identity and accuses him of being the Saint Nicholas. But despite the Father faking his death, a determined Antonio discovers a rather alive Dante arrayed in kilt and armor.

In return for Antonio’s silence—and to protect the town from attracting all manner of darkness—Dante agrees to tell his life story.

Without explanation, Dante orders Antonio to meet him at night in the abandoned Cathedral, the site of a former battle that the Church has kept secret for The Criskindl. Ice Steeds. The Unborn. Saint.

Into The Darkness By K.F. Breene Book Tour & $50 Amazon Or B&N GC Giveaway


I’d always been different. I saw objects in the night where others saw emptiness. Large, human shaped shadows, fierce yet beautiful, melting into the darkness.

I collected secrets like other women collected bells; afraid to fully trust lest my oddities be exposed.

Welcome to the Spring into Easter Prize Package Giveaway!

Hosted by Momma Lew's Blog
Momma Lew is getting ready to hop into the upcoming Easter holiday by offering this fun giveaway.
One lucky winner will receive a prize pack perfect to fill any Easter Basket with!
This prize package will make one special "bunny" extremely "hoppy" this year.


Son of Set (Descendants of Isis #2) by Kelsey Ketch #CoverReveal

Son of Set (Descendants of Isis #2)
by Kelsey Ketch
Release Date: 05/02/14
“. . . the Sons would never just let him go—alive.”
Seth O’Keefe has broken the laws of his god. He never thought he would sacrifice his own future to protect a Daughter of Isis. But when the Sons of Set discovered Natti is the Secret Keeper, he had no choice. Now, Seth and Natti are on the run from his father, who wants nothing more than to see Seth dead.

Welcome to the Shaklee Skin Care Line Giveaway {ARV $220}

 Sponsored by
Shaklee Independent Distributors
Nicole and Bob Alo!
The same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside.
50 years of scientific nutrition research has been applied to developing the most advanced therapeutic skincare system around providing you the answer to healthy-looking, beautiful skin!

Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care is formulated with our exclusive Vital Repair+® to block ALL those skin-damaging free radical reactions and encourages you to have healthy cells so you see smooth, luminous skin. 

Welcome to the The iPad Mini Accessory Giveaway!

Hosted by Miss Frugal Mommy 
Sponsored by BoxWave
"BoxWave is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories provider for handheld devices like the iPhone, Treo 750, and 8525.
From CNBC to Engadget, Handheld Computing Magazine to PC Today, our accessories have been recognized and featured by industry leaders on numerous occasions."

"Moving Forward" By Emily R. Pearson #ReleaseBlitz & Special Giveaway

When her past comes back to haunt her, will the promise of a future be enough to keep her moving forward?
Six years ago a monster broke Ava Monroe's soul. She was left with nothing but an empty house and no reason to live. In starting a new life in a new city she finds the strength to carry on, but can she ever erase the demons of her past?
When an act of fate brings Seth into her life, they'll attempt to discover the truth about their tainted pasts. But Seth Carter has a secret; one even he doesn't know exists.
Will Ava's connection with Seth be enough to lift her up, or will it destroy what little she has left?

Severed Angel (Severed MC #1) by K.T. Fisher & Ava Manello #CoverReveal & ARC Copy Giveaway

Release Date: 31st March, 2014
Severed Angel (Severed MC #1)
by K.T. Fisher & Ava Manello
Published By: KBK Publishing


Eve could never have imagined that her trip to Australia, where she is set to be maid of honor for her best friend's wedding, could turn from exciting to deadly so quickly.
Her sheltered and boring vanilla life comes to a screeching halt when she arrives in Australia and witnesses a shocking MC murder which puts her life in extreme danger.

The Carnal MC are a dangerous and savage motorcycle gang who want Eve and will stop at nothing to seek their revenge.

5 Winners Will Be Announced For This Bear Paws Giveaway - Enter For Your Chance To Be One Of Those Winners

Bear Paws Giveaway Looking for a great tool to shred meat, leafy greens, look cool, toss a salad, transfer a roast and more?
Check out all that Bear Paws can do on The Cheshire Cat's Looking Glass's Review. These are available on Amazon.


5 Lucky winners will each have their choice of black, pink or white Bear Paws. Giveaway is open World Wide!!!

Of Feathers and Friends By Darlene Hoggard Davis #BookTour & Giveaway


Of Feathers and Friends
By Darlene Hoggard Davis


About the Book:

"Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm gonna go eat worms.”
While Tyler knew he wouldn't really eat worms, he did not feel loved. His parents sent him to live with his grandmother when they separated. Was he angry? You bet. Was he confused? Absolutely. Where did he fit in? He didn't know any more.

After an argument with his grandmother, Tyler decided to run away. “I'll show them I can take care of myself.” Tyler Andrews doesn't need anyone!

Welcome to the NutriBullet System Giveaway!

#giveaway #NutriBullet #organic
Hosted by: Savory Savings &
Gloriously Green Gal

Co-hosted by:  Ramblings of Mama &

Dividing by Zero

Sponsored by: NutriBullet

Finding ways to maximize healthy nutrients can be hard!  While juicing is one of the most common ways for people trying to increase nutrient exposure, there is a better way! 
Just think, when you use a juicer, pretty much any part of the produce that contains fiber gets left behind – so why can’t you use that? 
The NutriBullet system does just that!  This amazing system breaks down your ingredients and ensures you can get your vitamins and nutrients! 

"This Crumbling Pageant" By Patricia Burroughs #CoverReveal & Autographed Paperback ARC of This Crumbling Pageant Giveaway

I'm excited to share the cover for THIS CRUMBLING PAGEANT, which is Volume One in the Fury Triad series by Patricia Burroughs.

This is Epic Fantasy with romance and ya crossover appeal. The book is scheduled to release May 6, 2014 in Hardcover, Trade and Digital by Story Spring Publishing, LLC

Let The Kids Explore Space: Enter For A Chance To Win VeggieTales In Space DVD Giveaway

Hosted by: Pea of Sweetness

Co-Hosted by:

Raising Soldiers 4 Christ &Deals of Sweetness



The newest movie from VeggieTales is here! Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier was release March 11, 2014!
Join Captain Cuke (Larry the Cucumber) and his loyal first officer, Mr. Spork (Bob the Tomato), as they embark on an out of this world adventure to save the galaxy from a menacing space pirate.
The surprising reason behind Luntar the Looter’s power-stealing antics lead the entire Veggie crew to learn a valuable lesson about sharing: if you have enough to spare, you have enough to share!


Welcome to the Good Natured Gourmet’s Chubby Babies Lactation Cookies Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Good Natured Gourmet

Hosted by: Dividing by Zero

Giveaway Dates: 3/12/14 to 3/25/14

Open to residents of the U.S. 18+

Founded in 2012 by a baker and a registered nurse, Good Natured Gourmet offers a selection of dessert mixes that are made with natural ingredients and vitamins so that the resulting baked goodness is both delicious AND nutritious!

Tara from Dividing by Zero tried out the lactation cookies and was thrilled to discover that they’re both sinfully delicious AND did in fact help increase milk production – almost TOO well!
Make sure you check out Tara's full review of Good Natured Gourmet’s Chubby Babies Lactation Cookies!
Good Natured Gourmet’s “Live Collection” offers cookies for pregnant and nursing moms.

Welcome to the Bellzi Plush Of Winners Choice Giveaway!

Hosted by Miss Frugal Mommy and Hosted by Bellzi

Relics of Mysticus Series Book 3: The Dragon's Egg By H.B. Bolton #CoverReveal & Signed Copies Giveaway {Plus Free eBook Offer For Book One!}

My name is Heidi Bolton, but I use my initials for my writing name, H.B. Bolton. I’m the author of the middle-grade fantasy series, Relics of Mysticus. The Dragon’s Egg (Book Three) is in the final stages of development and is almost ready for its May release date. Today I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my newest book cover with you.

Cover artist, Elisabeth Alba, offered an inside peek of her work’s progression through her photographs and commentary. I’m extremely fortunate to know this Scholastic Book illustrator and have had the privilege to benefit from her talents for all three of my covers. In fact, we’ve already started talking about The Mummy’s Amulet (Book Four).

I met Elisabeth about 14 years ago through one of my drawing classes. From her high school freshman year through senior year, she was one of my students (a favorite one, at that). I taught advanced-placement art, which was before having children of my own and creating worlds with unlikely heroes for my mythical stories.

Thank you, Elisabeth, for helping to bring my characters to life!