REVIEW: MUDD The Moose: Zoobies Blanket Pet

Meet our newest addition to our plushy family, this is Mudd the Moose! He was meant to be for my youngest son, but upon arrival it quickly became obvious that Mudd was going to be adopted and loved by all of our human family. Oddly enough even the cat tried to take possession of Mudd, pawing at the blanket in efforts of making a place to sleep. 

This all happened before I had a chance to get the now empty box out of the room.
Mudd the Moose is part of a larger family, he comes from the Blanket Pets Line from Zoobies. I know I had very difficult time deciding on which Blanket Pet was going to come and live with us. Each and every one of them were adorable. They even have other lines of products from Zoobies, which are just as adorable and fantastic as the Blanket Pets. 

The Book Buddies includes two selections, Clifford the Dog and Very Hungry Caterpillar Book. The Book Buddies are both a book and a plush toy. The Storytime Pals are very similar Pets, except that they have a printed fleece instead of the solid colored fleece blanket. They are also are not generic animals, as this line includes many well known childrens' cartoon characters. Blankie Babies are a smaller version of Blanket Pets. They also have the added feature of a polka-dot blanket and molded teething sections for infants and younger babies to safely chew on.

There are a few more product lines available through Zoobies, any one of them would make an excellent gift to any age child. 

With all that Zoobies has to offer, you should be able to see why making a choice on just one would prove to be difficult. After much deliberation, I chose Mudd the Moose. I could not resist his cute face or his pleading bright eyes. It was a hard, hard choice.

As soon as I battled the kids and the cat for Mudd, I was amazed by the size of the blanket that was tucked away inside. I was expecting something much smaller, but after unfolding the blanket it measured about 44" x 34". 

Obviously I was not going to be able to use blanket size as the determining factor as to which child would be able to have Mudd on their bed.

The blanket is made from coral fleece, which gives the blanket a very smooth and soft feel. This blanket is perfect for snuggling up in on any day of the year. What surprised me was how soft Mudd's fur/coat is just as soft.  Mudd's nose is filled with micro-beads, this is what makes his nose able to be squishable to tiny hands. Mudd's nose almost feels like Nylon to the touch.

Look at that face, is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen! He even has the dewlap, {the little flap under his chin}the attention to detail is superb. 

When Mudd the Moose's tag flipped over and I read what it said, I could not believe my eyes. There is nothing about Mudd that would make me think any part of him was made from recycled bottles. Truly Amazing!

The pocket that the blanket goes into has a zipper enclosure. The blanket itself can be securely zipped into place by a second zipper found within the opening. This make Mudd able to be separated into two pieces or keep him together for one. 

Both the zipper and the stitching on the blanket is well-done. The stitching throughout Mudd is expertly done, and it shows how lovingly he was put together.

This is my favorite feature of Mudd, the straps used to keep him closed up. Most products like this I have come across only use Velcro straps that you fasten. Mudd the Moose has this wonderful "hook and loop" feature. This makes it less likely of the Velcro unfastening and Mudd flopping open.

Mudd the Moose is easy to clean, for the most part I have only had to spot clean him with a damp rag. I like how if needed I can simply wash the blanket with the regular laundry. Surely after some time Mudd will need a bath as well, this will have to be done with a much gentler approach. I suggest either putting him in a netted delicates bag or a pillowcase, to keep him safe during the gentle cycle. When Mudd's bath is finished he can then go rolling around in the dryer for a bit.

Any of the Zoobies products would be well loved by kids. These would make perfect birthday or Christmas gifts, I think they would be perfect for anytime.  

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