How To Raise A Happy Child {And Be Happy Too} Giveaway - My VERY Honest Review

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Crawl inside the mind of kid whisperer, Heather Criswell, and see how she discovered (over 25 years and 30,000 children) what works with every child, in every situation, every time. She, along with Everyday Genius Institute cofounder Taryn Voget, bring you extraordinary new thinking and approaches in working with children. And when you put these simple strategies into action in your own life, raising amazing children will suddenly feel so much easier and more fun than you ever imagined.

In this groundbreaking book (with included “how-to” videos), you will learn simply genius strategies to get the results you desire with your child – without using the word “no” or giving time-outs, punishments, or rewards.

You will be a parenting success with bedtime, manners, homework, sharing, mealtime, back-talking, disrespect, fighting, grades, lying, and so much more.

You will have an opportunity to question your parenting assumptions and learn, step-by-step, refreshing new techniques to get the results you want. You will discover how to raise capable, self-reliant, truly happy kids in a stress-free environment.

This is no ordinary “how to” parenting book. It shines a light on an inspiring new approach for today’s parents.
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My view: This is one of the more difficult reviews that I have had to write. While I do believe that I agree with some of the things mentioned in this book. I found myself disagreeing a lot. I do think that the message of in simple terms "rephrasing the way you say things" is very important! This is also something that I have been choosing to work on, it is more difficult than you would think.

I don't however think that the examples given were much better than just saying the original thought. To me it almost came off as more deagrading, when she describes an example of speaking with a 17 year old boy about not doing anything but playing video games with his life.

Please don't think of this as necessarily a negative, as this is only my opinion of what I took from reading this book. I was disheartened when I noticed that there were no praises or testimonials from parents or from children {now grown} about how her techniques have helped them. The only testimonial is from Heather or Tayrn.

I also would have liked to have known, if any of these techniques were successful with children with mental or physical disabilities. Nothing at all was told of the children themselves except a few insights. Nothing of their home life, which may very well play a huge part in all of this.

I had a hard time reading through the whole book, but I did finish it. There were some techniques that I could use after some tweaking, but many things I can not due to the fact that I do disagree.

For example: A mother asks what to do with her 2 year old child whom doesn't want to listen when it comes to crossing the street. Heather simply states "give her a choice- you can cross either holding my right hand or my left hand".  I agree with the giving choices part, but that is where the explanation ends in the book. I feel that there needed to be more, that you need to make sure that the whomever the person that is with the child knows about this, that the mother should also explain the dangers about crossing the street by herself. I can only assume {and hope} that these were mentioned. But as a reader, I don't feel I can trust what I am reading when this is not mentioned.

That is one of many examples in this book-but I found myself distrusting much of what was being explained. I do think that this is one persons out-take on helping and that maybe it will bring answers to someone. That someone just wasn't me.

Heather Criswell
I’ve spent my entire life working with
and loving children. In 20 years working with over 30,000 kids I have developed a unique approach to parenting. And with the help of Taryn Voget, from the Everyday Genius Institute, I am excited to share my strategies with you.

Taryn Voget
I am the CEO and Co-founder of the
Everyday Genius Institute. My company deconstructs how the world’s best do what they do, and shares their strategies in our educational book and video series. We also help individuals discover and expand their own unique genius.

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