A Really Fun Trip to Borders!!

So we had received four $15.00 gift cards from Borders Bookstore for Christmas this year. And I decided to finally get over there to use them up. Oh my goodness did I have fun!!!! The baby and I have been cooped up in the house for long enough and it felt like a heatwave hit yesterday so out we went. (the temperature was almost in the 40's) I have never been in a Borders bookstore before and so the adventure was new to me as well as the baby. We don't even make it past the entryway before I have four items in hand off their discount shelves.

It got worse when I actually made it inside-the sales were phenomenal. I filled my basket quicker than a speeding bullet and had to head for the checkout thinking I spent way more than i had in giftcards. Since our budget is really, really tight we could not afford to pay a bunch.

So I am standing in line trying to come up with the best excuse I could think of to give my husband when i got home. Yikes, I was then up to the register. I will announce the total later in the post. Here are the details of the pictures I took.

Keep in mind the not pictured was the HUGE America's Top Model Paper Doll and Design Book, A Transformers Calender, A cute puppies and cat calender.

 The two in the back is a HUGE Flip Book with wipeoff marker for the activity pages that are in it and a HUGE Flip tab board book. Then we have the following:
~A Shrek (scratch and sniff flip tab book)
~A Melissa & Doug Block Puzzle (makes 6 puzzles)
~A Sandra Boyton Family Calendar
~A Thomas Kinkade Calendar
~A Pocket Wildflowers of North America Guide
 Here we have the following:

1 How to Draw Rain Forest and Ocean animals(kit w/colored pencils,book,eraser,drawing pencils,and DVD)

1 How to Draw Amazing Dinosaurs(kit w/colored pencils,book,eraser,drawing pencils,and DVD)

1 How to Draw Safari and Mountain Animals(kit w/colored pencils,book,eraser,drawing pencils,and DVD)

3 Bratz Books

1 Seasame Street Cookies Cookbook (Boardbook)

Set of nine little bitty chunky boardbooks of baby animals

Kellogs Posters Book - Really big book of posters and pages to color

1 Sal the Shark board book

3 Handy Manny Reader Books

1 Stuffed pig from the Sandra Boyton Books

And this picture shows the 3 Dinosaur coloring books I got that includes 4 dinosaurs each and stickers.

So how much out of pocket did I have to pay for all of this. I mean really I was sweating at the counter as they kept scanning one after another. By the time the gift cards went through I walked away with four sacks of books for the grand total of $7.17.

Yep that is correct a wee bit over $7.00- the most expensive item was the Puzzle blocks I payed $12.99 for. I about fainted but i walked through that parking lot to the car with the biggest grin you ever did see.

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