A LONG Overdue Review!!! Costume SuperCenter.com

I hate that this is so long overdue, I hope all can forgive me. This particular review was the most enjoyable for me! I was able to take pictures of my youngest boy on his first Trick-or-Treating excursion. It was an ordeal let me just state for the record.

Costume SuperCenter was kind enough to send a fantastic and unique (my son had the only one seen around our neck of the woods) Turtle costume. Here is the picture from the website and so you can get the full view of the costume as it should be before I share my pictures.

Is this not the CUTEST!!!

Now this is the costume I ended up choosing after hours and hours of debating, the site is full of GREAT items. I loved so many of them.

So, now onto our pictures of "Cheeky Monkey" becoming the Turtle!

"Your gonna try to put WHAT on my head? I don't think so!
Good Luck Mom!!"

"Nope, not happening! Not my head and not my hands!"

"Okay, I will think about it for a while."

"After some thinking, No way Now how MOM!"

"I am gonna sit here and read until you give in, Mom"
Accept it, I am not wearing the rest"

"See, I am a turtle of my word"

"HA! HA! I half WIN!!!!
Lets go get treats!!"

As you can see we had to compromise in the end. The hand mitten came off shortly after walking out the door.

This costume is a Infant/Toddler size and hopefully he can wear it fully next year. The turtle costume is quoted on the website as

"precious little Turtle Costume for infants and toddlers. This adorable getup includes a light plush fully screen printed jumpsuit with details gloves and feet. It also has a detailed detachable hood with realistic eyes.

This is the perfect costume for a little one to wear at a Halloween party - where he/she is for sure to win best baby costume, or for an initial round of tricks and treats in the neighborhood.

Once the neighbors get a good look at the littlest turtle they'll be dishing out extra candy in a snap! The plush jumpsuit is available in small medium and large and runs close to size.

You'd better be ready with the pictures because once friends and family get a look at your little Turtle, they are going to be demanding photos for the family albums"

I must say this was a huge hit at every door we knocked on and every ghoul we passed on the street. I love that the feet have elastic bands that can go over the feet and hidden away, so the turtle foot lays on top of shoes/boots. Like I said before the hood and gloves were a no go with "Cheeky" but they are very easy to slip on. The hood is has velcro that enclosed underneath the chin.

Costume SuperCenter has many things available for all year round and for any occasion. They have wigs & hats, teen costumes, pet costumes and even accessories. There is so much that I could not begin to name it all.

I would like to thank Costume SuperCenter for giving me some FANTASTIC memories and great pictures. They made it possible to have a fun time with my youngest on his first time out on Halloween.

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I'm returning the follow from MBC! :) Love your blog, especially the links to cool stuff like the kiddo costumes. Too cute!

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