Needed to take a much longer break.....

then I thought I needed. Things around here have been go-go-go and family comes before blog. So, this will/might be slow going, getting back into the swing of things.

One new thing is that I have opened a store on E-bay, trying to bring in extra income for our family. It has been a bunch of work getting it up and running BUT it is going fairly well.

My store (opps I mean our family store)  All For The Family is open and ready for business!!!!!
Which allows me to get back to blogging, sharing, and finding great deals!

If you find some time, please stop by the store and let me know what i could do to make things better! I need all the help I can get!

Now, I will begin the blogging on some things.

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Sugar Plums & Lollipops said...

I am now following you. I will definitely check out your ebay store:)

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