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Do you love to lounge around comfortably in your house night and day? Are you looking for something that can keep you snuggly during cold winter days? Or something that is simply soft, but you can still be cool? Are you a freak for anything that is one-piece? I fall under all of the above with the exception of staying cool, I am always cold!

When I was approached by One-Piece Jumpsuits  or "Onsies" to help them spread word about their product, I was over the moon with excitement. I was offered my choice of one of the fabulous designs that they offer to be able to convey my experience to you.

There are so many different styles, colors, and designs you will find it difficult to find just one favorite. My experience with choosing one was pain-staking, once I decided I then had to patiently wait.

The waiting is the hardest, my intentions were not only for a comfortable outfit to wear around the house, but for finally having sleepwear that would keep me warm during this cold winter season.

My black Original One-Piece Jumpsuit arrived carefully tucked away in a two snap vinyl type bag. The feel of the cotton was amazingly luxurious and as I laid it out for all to see, I saw that there were tons of fun features.

The heavy-duty zipper ran from the top of the hood to the split of the legs, there were pockets for keeping my hands warm, the jumpsuit was designed to fit snuggly around the ankles.


Did you notice that I said the heavy duty zipper began at the top of the hood. Yes, you can almost completely submerge yourself in heavenly softness-including zipper the hood up to cover your face. I had to pry this from my children's hands to be able to try it on.

I may have accidently ordered a size to big, when I got the large. But this was perfect for what was to come that day in our state. In Minnesota, the temperature began dropping from 20 degrees down to eventually -60 to -70 below. The One-Piece Jumpsuit arrived just in time to protect me from the artic cold that took over our area. I wore it for almost four days straight, only taking it off to wash it.

The benefits of this jumpsuit could never be accurately described by me. It kept me warm and snug during the worst weather we have seen in 20 years. There are no special instructions for washing, no shrinking occurred at all. Jumpsuits have more than the design that I chose, they have a great line of shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, and other garments that can be used in a variety of climates. The only small issue I had was that if/when you need to use the restroom, you do have to remove the garment. This can be a hassle, especially in the middle of the night.

The three Norwegian creators of the One-Piece Jumpsuit were ingenious when they brought their idea to life. They thought of comfort, design, durability, and customer satisfaction. They provide items for both men, women, children, and even dogs.

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Tabitha Johnson said...

Lol I've never understood why an adult would wear an adult onesie but I must say it looks very warm and comfortable

Unknown said...
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Heather Gintoft said...

Maybe for days when I'm feeling under the weather? Or shoveling/snow blowing?

Shan said...

These are funny. My sister would love these.

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