NT-MAX Monthly Maintenance Packs By Newtechbio For A Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

This is a sponsored post for NewTechBio Septic Tank Treatments, however all opinions and experiences with this product are my 100% own. I received product from NewTechBio to help facilitate in keeping our septic system healthy and to help prevent our nightmare from ever happening again

Having a untreated or poorly maintained septic system can lead to severe raw sewage and nasty grime buildup throughout your entire system.

This can include the tank, lines, cesspit, sand mound, leach field and drain field. If you have ever had a septic tank fully fail, I don't have to tell you how much of a nightmare that it can be.

A few years ago, ours did just that! Unaware of how to properly maintain a septic tank, we began to notice our lawn was becoming soggier and soggier each day.

At first we were not alarmed but then the smell became undeniably noticeable. The kids began complaining that it smelled really bad, while they tried to play outside. We inspected a huge area of this area that run through our front yard, it had become a swamp of the most disgusting sludge that you have ever encountered.

In the end, we had to replace our whole system. This is VERY expensive and time consuming. Our front yard had to be excavated to remove all the lines, the tank then had to be removed. It took weeks for them to fully restore what we had neglected. Everything could easily have been avoided, if we only took the proper preventative measures to keep our septic system healthy.

Since this unfortunate nightmare, we have become focused on keeping our system healthy. One measure that you can take is using NT-Max monthly maintenance packs by NewTech Bio. NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatment barrages your tank, lines and drainfield with over 600 Trillion bacteria each treatment, reestablishing the much needed bacterial colonies to quickly digest waste and unclog your system.
Below is what a clogged septic line looks like. You can see how the buildup is collecting, this will continue until finally the line is blocked. Some of the symptoms of an unhealthy septic system are slow flushing toilets, dreaded raw sewage odors, and the obviously wet or soggy spots you encounter in your lawn.

The results of using a preventive measure like NT-Max monthly maintenance packs help keep this build-up down to a level that allows your lines to work properly. Healthy treated lines will look like the photo below, a clear pathway for the line to drain is key to not experiencing a septic tank nightmare.

Some of the benefits of using NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatments are that it is
environmentally safe, eliminate Pump-Outs, clear clogged drainfields, restores clogged septic, digests raw sewage, eliminates Septic Odors, digests sludge quickly, restores failed cesspits, liquefies septic solids, and ends most Septic problems.
I am happy to report that we have not experienced any septic issues and feel confident that our use of these treatments are keeping our system healthy.
To learn more about NT-Max Septic Tank Treatments products please head over to the website. You can find purchase products that will meet your needs to help fix or maintain a healthy septic system.

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