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A Quick Craft: Homemade Piggiebanks From Spice Jars

I fell in love with this easy little craft found over at GiversLog. You can see the original post and downloadable patterns here.

I happen to have spice jars all over the place and was excited when I saw this. I plan on letting the kids have at it later this afternoon. I would think that the kids could use old wrapping paper or even own designs done on blank sheets for the coverings of the jars.

This is such an easy thing to do. The kids could easily make these for gifts.

Please check out GiversLog for even more great ideas.

Kids Craft: A great use for CD's

Ok, I love this idea that I found (HERE) I wish I would have found this one earlier! I have thrown out more scratched up CD's and DVD's than I can count. I plan on having the kids make these before our next game night this weekend. And how perfect that we just won the Trivial Pursuit Card game (previous mailbox post today) This will be perfect for their little hands and make card games go so much smoother.

They could even use some colored permanent markers or even sticker to personalize it.

Kids Craft: Make a Tube Sock Snowman

This links to the book review I just did on Puppet Play. Another idea for using those dreaded and confusing single socks that come out of the dryer.

What You Need:

1 large white tube sock

Clean rags

White string


1 spare colorful child’s sock, any color

Permanent markers in assorted colors

3 buttons

Fabric glue

What to Do:

First, stuff the tube sock as full as you can with shredded rags. The stuffing will compress with time, so it’s a good idea to “overstuff” now.

Cut the string into three equal pieces and divide the snowman into three equal sections vertically. You can measure with a ruler and mark the spots with a pencil if you want it to be exact, but it isn’t necessary. Now, tie the first piece of string tightly around the bottom third and knot, creating the bottom “snowball.” Repeat a bit further up for the middle section. Finally, tie a string around the top snowball, closing the stuffing firmly inside, and double-knot. Don’t worry if a bit of sock is gathered at the top.

Cut the toe section off the colorful sock and set aside the rest. Roll up the hem of the toe section. This is the snowman’s hat. Pull it firmly over the top of the snowman’s head, hiding the extra material gathered at the top.

Cut a long section vertically from the colorful sock, creating a scarf to tie around the snowman’s neck.

Use the permanent markers to draw a face on the snowman.

Use fabric glue to attach three buttons down the snowman’s front, and let dry before playing with him.

Your child will have one more stuffed friend to add to the pile – and this one won’t melt when spring comes!

Kids Craft: Grow Sparkling Crystal Ornaments

I have been spending some time looking for activities for my kids to do. Since we are not a wealthy family (who is these days) I thought they could do a lot of homemade gifts and decorations. I figure I would post a few that we will be doing later this afternoon and tonight.

What you need:

Pipe cleaners




Mason jar or glass



First, have your kids make different shapes out of their pipe cleaners, making sure that the finished shapes will easily fit inside your jars or glasses without touching the sides.

Next, boil your water. Carefully pour the water into the glass containers and then add your Borax (start with about 4 tablespoons). If you want, you can have your kids carefully stir the borax into the water - just remember that it's going to be hot! once the Borax is dissolved, check and see if there is sediment at the bottom of the glass. If not, add more Borax and stir

Tie a string around your pipe cleaner shapes and then tie them to the pencil. Then lower the pipe cleaner shape into the glass, resting the pencil on top to keep it from falling in. Make sure that the pipe cleaner shape does not touch the bottom of the container (if it does, pull your shape out and shorten up the string)

Let your containers sit undisturbed for 24 hours. Crystals should start to form in an hour or two as the water cools down. You can tell your kids that the hot water is able to hold more of the Borax, so as the water gets cold Borax is released and crystals form on the pipe cleaners!

After 24 hours (or earlier if you are impatient), pull your new ornaments out of the liquid, dry them off, and admire their crystally, frosty beauty