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I am a 39 year old wife and homeschooling mother of seven eight children {Only 4/8 will allow me to photograph them,LOL}. My kids range in age from 6 months- 24 years. I am also the grandmother to 6 wonderful grandbabies. 

I have worked hard on making our family as close as can be. We have so much fun doing things as a family.It's amazing seeing all the wonder in their eyes. 

I run three online businesses out of our home, plus author and owner of  this blog, Our Wolves Den. I am usually busy doing something with the kids, community, church, or online. There is hardly enough time to sleep!

We have decided to begin doing reviews on our blog, not just because it could be done as a family, but also because we wanted to give thorough reviews for companies. We have seen many great products not get the recognition and advertisement that they deserve. As a small business owner myself, I know the extreme importance of a good review and the power of bloggers with advertising.

With all that being said; We are PR Friendly and Pitches are very welcomed.

Do you have a product you would like to have reviewed? 
As you can see our family covers the gamut of age ranges. We are sure to be able to find the right age person to represent your product. Or something you would like to provide for a giveaway?  We are open to that too. 

 If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask! Feel free to contact me at ourwolvesden@gmail.com

NEW! My husband has just began a new blog of his own AND done his first review: You can go check it out at Reviews-N-More! So very proud I am!

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Before I go, I would like to introduce just a few more family members, this is a small sampling of our zoo.
This is Panda Bear- Our very finicky kitty. We rescued her from a home overpopulated with cats and kittens. She was only a few weeks old when we took her.

 Big Turtle was found in the middle of the street, nowhere near any water. He was the size of a quarter when we brought him home. I almost stepped on him before I even saw what he was. Now, he is growing daily. He loves to be taken out and played with. Those fish in the background, those were supposed to be his food, but now have become his friends. All five fish are now pets- I enjoy watching them all interact with each other.

This little one is "Little Turtle". We found him  during one of our nature walks. To be able to transport him we had to find a container. Mom to the rescue  as I grabbed a Capri-Sun, drank it in about 2 seconds flat. I then proceeded to take the car keys and cut the pouch in half. He has now joined the tank with Big Turtle and his friends.

There are more critters in this household-which include one dog, 3 rats, a baby snapping turtle, a tree frog, a bird, and a Leopard frog. Pictures of them will be taken soon to update our zoo pictures.



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Aww! You have a cute family and love the pics!

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I like the turtle

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