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Part 2: Of my Thoughts on someones post..

Now since I had posted part 1 of this - I have noticed that another couple posts have been put up. What I like is that I to a point agree with what is being written. So I might just have a regular response posting for "Open Discussion". I think that it might be a wonderful learning journey for not only me but my kids as well.

Just a bit ago, my 12 year old daughter read both posts and she is now pondering her own thoughts on the whole thing. I would like for my kids to get involved in voicing their personal opinions as well. On the Blog " Life In These Times" there is a new article up about the censorship issue that has popped up over Mark Twain- I am looking forward to doing a piece on that one which will include opinions from my children.

Ok, on to part two of my earlier ranting. This will probably be short ( I think)

Now again I believe with every breath I take more freedoms are being taken away. When my daughter read about me asking the question about "Donations for American Children" she yelled out the following.

"Yes, do we even have those? I see those commercials on the weekends on TV." I responded to her that I thought last year I saw a commercial for American children but it was not for rice or school clothes. It was to buy rotting potatoes stored in a warehouse that were going to continue to rot unless we sent some money to help the organization load and then transport by truck these rotting potatoes to starving children in America.

Her response was a simple one " WHAT!!!!!!"   Yep that is exactly what I thought when I saw it a long time back.

But anyhow, I like that it opened her mind a bit and got her thinking about topics that will shape her future at some time in her life. She is now trying to grasp the concept of what America is now and what it once was.

I believe that maybe, just maybe,opening communication like this is the way to start making things change. But then I look at it and say how come a 12 year old can get it but adults have no clue. How can a president be so oblivious to the American people he was elected to protect? The decisions that he has made, while there is a bunch I am not aware of, but the main one on Health Care is a slap in the face. Or everytime he states the economy is better, or there are more jobs again is a slap. I want to know where! Where is it getting better and where are these jobs. Because I and many others would be more than happy to pack up and move to that location.

We as a nation are failing our children and we have failed ourselves. I am not sure there is a way back. How would things go so wrong with so many knowing that things are failling. Where do we go from here?

As I stated earlier I would like to have many topics to be added to the "Open Discussion" catagory. Any suggestions would be wonderful. The blog that sparked this whole catagory being brought up is located here.

Food for Thought...Please take a look and leave a response.

Please follow the link and let them and also I (if you have time) what your thoughts are. I will be thinking about it overnight and tomorrow I will step up onto my soapbox and state my opinions on it. A warning though- I am going to voice my personal opinions and that just might spark some people to feel offended. I am not going to try and offend anyone. I will voice my own personal thoughts.


It would be nice to at times, on this blog to be able to have open conversations of sorts about touchy subjects. I for one believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions without having fear of offending others or being judged. I enjoy having different ideas and views being brought out to the forefront. I not only learn- I believe others learn as well.

Again take a look and feel free to state your thoughts (honestly and without fear of being judged)