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My Daughter Cooked & Beautiful Skies

My daughter decided to cook tonight, this is both exciting and scary. She prepared a "concoction", I am not kidding this is what she called it. My daughter did not have a plan of what she was going to make, she only knew we had a bunch of chicken breast leftover and she was going to use it up.

My daughter is not an experienced cook, so she does keep it simple. She is getting so much better in the kitchen each time she is able to cook. My daughter thought that she could use up the Kraft Cooking Creme that I had in the freezer to make her dish. I bought a whole bunch of it when it first came out, but had a hard time using up our last three containers.

She cut up the chicken, and mixed in the cooking creme. I explained that it would be wise to thin out the cooking creme because in the past it was very thick and not very creamy. She chose to take my advise and also added frozen peas to the mixture.

Then she made a huge pot of white rice and a huge pot of noodles, she wanted to use them as the base for the mixture. Unfortunately, in our family half of them love rice and hate noodles, the other half loves noodles and hates rice. My daughter and I love both!

She added some garlic cheese bread as the side, and dinner was served! Let me mention IT TASTES BETTER THAN IT LOOKS!!!!

Chicken, Cooking Creme, & Peas cooking in pan

Noodles & Rice {LOTS & LOTS}

Her Presentation Plate

Garlic Cheese Bread

Even "Cheeky" ate it! He has a HUGE chunk of chicken in his mouth!

Then we looked out the window and saw the most AMAZING sky! The pictures DO NOT do the color justice. It was a brilliant Red-Orange. I have never seen the sky that color before.

What we got in the mail today

We had a fun mailbox and UPS delivery day! (Please excuse the pictures. I picked up a digital camera over the summer at a garage sale for 25 cents. Brand New Never opened!!! This is the first time I have used it so the pictures are not the greatest.)

We received:
Life to the Max Book (Autographed) (won in a giveaway)
Trivial Pursuit Card Game (won in a giveaway)
A Tarpy (won in a giveaway)
The Secret Message Book (won in a giveaway)
Bracelet Mate (won in a giveaway-its a wallet attached to a set of 3 bracelets)

And in a giveaway we one the following prize package
Girl Talk
Emergency Vitamin C-10 pack
Bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer
Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller
Electric Toothbrush (design yourself-girls)

Again apologize for the pictures! But what a fun day anyway! The Bracelet Mate, girls toothbrush, and the Girltalk Game got packed away for an upcoming birthday gift for one of my daughters. The books have been added to the "Night Reading Time" pile for later. The Cuponk game and Trivial Pursuit Game are going to added to our game night this weekend. Although I am not sure how well the kids will do with the Trivial Pursuit since it is recommended for 16+ of age.

I am hoping to post more pictures so i hope that they do get better the more I use it. But tonight's batch will be possibly a bit blurry and such.